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The Extra Large Pro DogTread® is Recommended for dogs up to 225 lbs. 


The PRO DogTread® is the perfect dog treadmill for breeds up to 225 lbs., but it can also be used for smaller dogs by removing the sides. The long deck and heavy duty 1.5 continuous horse power motor provided and the reinforced running deck was specially made for large breeds. The raised training boundary provides additional training support for larger breed dogs.  The rails can be removed for smaller dogs. 

Removing the training boundaries also allows for therapeutic ambulation assistance for neurological patients, or patients requiring pelvic limb strengthening without impeding motion. 

Transports easily and Stores in up-right position if needed. 

Exercise is an Investment in Your Dog’s Life

When considering  dog treadmills, consider the investment you are making to keep your dog with you longer. Routine and purposeful exercise is not only a great way to save you money in the future, but one that benefits your dog’s behavior and can extend the time you get to spend with him or her by up to 2 years.

Getting your dog back to optimal physical and mental health can be done! BUT BE ADVISED that while cheap shortcuts are convenient, they can be risky and more costly in the long run. Do your research and make sure whatever you decide that it is in the best interest of your dog, and long term it will be best for your pocket book.


1 – Natural Running Platform – Training boundary is high enough to help train large dogs, but low enough to create a natural uncaged positive experience.
2 – Transportation Wheels – Easily move the DogTread to any location.
3 – Whisper-quiet Motor – No loud noises or vibration to scare or cause distraction.
4 – Sturdy, Steel Frame – Reinforced steel frame is free of any holes, meshes or seams where a dog might get small paws caught. Sturdy enough for large breeds.
5 – Manual Incline Options – Flip-bar Incline increases training intensity as needed to simulate outdoor terrain and elicit more hind limb intensity. 0% and 7% Options.
6 – Safety Key – Magnetic Safety Key can be pulled at a moments notice to shut down the DogTread
7 – Remote Control – Provides additional training versatility
8 – LCD Console – Program Speed, Distance and Time for each workout. Red Safety Start and Stop is easy to identify.
9 – Removable Training Fence – Training panels are removable for space-saving, training/rehabilitation versatility.

Product Specifications:     

Dimensions: 89” x 24” x 19”

Running Area: 75” x 17”

Weight: 120 lbs

Shipping Weight: 225 lbs.

Programmable Time and Distance
Speed – .5 to 7.0 MPH
PWM Motor: 90 v dc/1.5 HP continuous duty
Incline Options: 0% and 7%
Removable Canvas Side Panels
Space-saving Design
Removable Training Treat Holder
Remote Control
Blue Backlit LCD Screen
Safety Start and Stop
Safety Cord
Large Transportation Wheels
Training Guideline Brochure
Instructional DVD
Electronic Testing Laboratory Approved #3196224
American Pet Association A+ Approved: Approval ID# 32718
Parts and Craftsmanship Warranty (Registration Must be Submitted)

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