88+ Measurements

Following the success of the GAITRite® walkway systems in human gait analysis, GAIT4Dog® is available for clinicians & researchers worldwide for various Quadruped applications.


As a subject ambulates down the GAITFour® walkway, the system continually scans the walkway sensor array at 120 Fps (adjustable between 60 Fps and 180 Fps) and records the paw strikes of the subject, both Temporal and Spatial along with Relative Pressure. The system is used to collect multiple gait cycles at a steady speed.  Video is recorded at 30 Fps providing a synchronized replay.

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Features & Measurements

Single Walk or Auto Suspend Walk Option for Continuous Data Collection – Numerous Gait Measurement Parameters - Summary & Detail Walk Report Manual and Auto Paw Identification - Manual and Auto Deletion of Bad Data - Distribution Pattern vs Body Conformation - Graph Measurements Viewing - Frame by Frame or Step at a time sensor paw replay - One or Two camera Video Replay for each Walk - Transferable Data Base between computers - Multiple Export Data Function for all Parameters (ASCII, Excel, TXT and other formats)

88+ Main Measurements

  • Spatial Parameters : Step length, Stride length, Reach, Distance , Step-Stride Ratio.

  • Temporal Parameters: First Paw Contact, Last Contact, Stride (Gait Cycle) Time, Ambulation Time, Velocity,  Stride Velocity, Cycle Stride Velocity, Stance Time, Stance % GC, Swing Time, Swing % GC.

  • Pressure Measurements: Relative Peak pressure values per sensor (paw)  - TPI% (Total Pressure Index) - GLS® (GAIT4Dog Lameness Score)

For all export parameters, please see below


GAIT4Dog  Systems cited in Canine & Other Quadrupeds Gait Analysis Research Worldwide




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